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Business marketing materials of any kind need eye catching imagery. Aerial photos combined with graphics editing and imagery can be great attention-getting advertising.
  • Edited Photos
  • Graphics and Logos
  • Labels and Highlights
  • Photo Calendar
  • Flyers and Brochures
  • Construction Projects
Order a printed and framed display photo or purchase the image file and print/frame on your own. Can be 8" x 10" all the way up to poster size, tall square or panoramic.
  • House
  • Business
  • Farm
  • Lake Property
  • Golf Course
  • Neighborhood
BRANDING & MARKETING If you need your name, logo, or other branding or marketing graphics added to a photo these are easy edits to make.
Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge

OBJECT DELETION When creating advertising and display photos why not make things even better than reality? Ugly power lines, dumpsters, vehicles, brush, and other ground clutter can be removed in the post-production photo editing process.
house with power lines
house with deleted power lines

LABELS & HIGHLIGHTS Highlighting the subject property can help clarify the high altitude perspective. Great for commercial real estate - labeling malls, department stores, restaurants, major highways, and other population centers around the business location is a great visual tool. A great addition to the traffic and area population analytics your listing already offers.
Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge

PROPERTY LINES Acres of residential property can also be skillfully highlighted with outlines, color overlays, or contrast in brightness to visually represent available land.
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CUSTOM EDITING Maybe you - for no particular reason - wish to have an Imperial Walker in your parking lot. I can do that as well. Marketing materials can take many clever forms. I guess it's true that you can buy anything at Shopko!
Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge
merge photo 1
photo merge 2
photo merge 3
photo merge 4
photo merge 5
PHOTO EDITING A customer wanted a wide angle display photo of an area park. Using a cell phone I had her take this series of 5 overlapping photos (above). Keeping the camera stable while slightly rotating for each photo allows me to use a technique called photo merging. When receiving the photos it became evident other edits were required. Finger in the photos, people in the park, bad lighting, and insufficient horizon were all in need of repair (below).
Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge
By the time I was finished she had the perfect 16" x 40" display photo of her favorite local park. This photo includes no people, no fingers, a well proportioned horizon, and a brightened focal point of the fountain. All from a set of quick-shot amateur cell phone photos.
Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge

DISPLAY PHOTOS Maybe you would like a photo of your home or cabin to display on our office wall. Aerial photos of your factory, warehouse, or office campus can be a great display piece for the lobby, reception desk, or conference room.
overhead view of warehouse
overhead view of warehouse

DAY TO NIGHT CONVERSION Evening or night photos can make a wonderful display piece. However they can be quite difficult to shoot. The perfect lighting is hard to come by, but some photo editing expertise can create the exact look you desire.
photo of house in daylight
photo converted to dusk