Drone Photography Services


  • Topographic View of building(s) and property
  • 400 ft Area View – all directions
  • Mid-Level *250 ft View – all directions
  • Low-Level *100 ft View – all directions
  • Roof Level – several angles
  • Ground Level – several angles
  • Sign Angle – sign with building in background
  • Unique Angles – differs per request

I am an FAA licensed drone pilot and have been providing aerial drone shots for commercial real estate since 2015. In addition I have 25 years’ experience with computer graphics and post-production photo editing. I will work with you to acquire images from any perspective you desire.

Aerial photos and video are essential tools for presenting commercial properties to investors or clients. Only elevated angles can showcase size and location. Unique perspectives to see beautiful landscaping, a view of the neighborhood, convenience to roadways and interstates, popular storefronts, nearby attractions or amenities, and parking accommodations.

Showcase your clients’ property with high resolution images ready for print or digital media. Professionally edited and enhanced photos can be used for presentation, brochures, offering-memorandum, or any other materials required.

Retail Stores - Shopping Centers - Office Buildings - Housing Developments - Apartment Buildings - Manufacturing Plants - Warehouses - Golf Courses



Properties that have great indoor photos often lack the eye-catching 'must click' power of aerial photographs. Bird's eye perspectives can significantly augment listings for lake homes, river homes, large acreage property, high end estates, hillside views, and unique features. A handful of great aerial views can be offered at a reasonable price. A listing's cover photo represents the last chance to make a first impression. Drone photos can add the 'wow' factor needed to gain initial interest. I am an FAA licensed drone pilot and have been providing aerial drone shots for the real estate industry since 2015. In addition I have 15 years’ experience with ground photography and post-production photo editing.

  • Lake Homes
  • Riverside Homes
  • Large Acreage
  • Hillside Property
  • High-End Estates
  • Unique Features


Expert Drone Shots can meet your needs whether the job requires aerial images only – or complete indoor/outdoor photography. I can capture great images highlighting the kitchen, living areas, master bedroom, and all of the other areas of most importance to potential buyers. Professional photographs taken with a DSLR camera and 15mm wide angle lens. With use of HDR multi-exposure photo merging technology and post production Photoshop expertise all of your images will be optimized to best capture each room. All images will be available in full size files for print as well as more manageable web optimized files.

  • Kitchen
  • Living Areas
  • Master Bedroom
  • Master Bath
  • Additional Rooms
  • Unique Features


building under construction top view

Drone photography is a great tool for monitoring construction progress. Capture an entire project from the sky with captivating photos and videos that can showcase formerly unseen angles. Images from a variety of altitudes, distances, and directions offer great materials to demonstrate the full scale of your critical operation.

Series of aerial photos taken from similar angles over predetermined time intervals may be the best way to update investment teams or communicate clearly to clients and potential customers. With high definition photos and great clarity stakeholders will be able to visualize project status. EDS can offer photos and video in formats that can be easily downloaded and shared across the range of investors or perspective clients needing updated information. This ongoing imagery may come in very handy for marketing purposes as well.

Contact EDS when aerial photography is desired on your construction project.



Marketing materials of any kind need eye catching imagery. Aerial photos combined with graphics editing and imagery can be great attention-getting advertising.

  • Edited Photos
  • Graphics and Logos
  • Labels and Highlights
  • Photo Calendar
  • Flyers and Brochures
  • Construction Projects


Display images anywhere from 8" x 10" up to full poster size can be created to decorate your home or office. Show off your lake property, farmhouse, or favorite area attraction with professional aerial photography.

  • House
  • Business
  • Farm
  • Lake Property
  • Golf Course
  • Neighborhood