aerial photo of retail store edited photo with background color enhancement

For many photographs preservation of every detail as observed is considered important. However, this is not the case in many other situations. In these cases, professional object removal can be an option.

Modern software allows for many simple object removal options - but these programs only work under optimal conditions. More often the case is the best version of your image cannot be achieved without years of photo editing experience.

Perhaps it is a photograph of a landscape and some unwanted objects are present in the scene. Maybe it is a portrait of a person and the image would look better without the objects in the background. Or maybe it is even a product photograph which needs a focus on the product itself and therefore the other, unnecessary objects that detract from the main focus of the image need to be removed. Regardless of the case, EDS may be able to transform your subpar photograph into the perfect image.


tunnel photo original color tunnel photo with color repair and blue sky

Expert Drone Shots can provide post-production photo editing services for your photography. The newest smart photos include fantastic cameras plus a handful of useful photo editing options. But brightness, contrast, temperature, and cropping can only get you so far. Often a photo needs several adjustments on various sections of the image - but every specific adjustment available will not pinpoint the problems. The available software does not allow you to brighten only specific areas of the photograph.

These issues can only be repaired by professional photo editors with years of experience. Color correction requires complex level adjustments targeting specific areas of the image. Complete sky replacement can change an average photo into display art. Contact EDS about color correction services.


400 ft aerial photograph aerial photo with labeled nearby businesses

Overlaying logos, text, and images are great tools for specifying locations on an image. Label malls, department stores, restaurants, major highways, and other population centers around the business location. This creates a great visual aid to accompany traffic and area population analytics.

Adding your company name and logo to photos and graphics will create great images for web or print display.

Commercial or residential property can be skillfully highlighted with outlines, color overlays, or brightness contrast. Labels and callout text may be a nice addition as well.


front view of house photo converted to dusk

Daytime photos can be editing to appear like dusk or night. For certain scenes this can add great beauty to the image. Evening or night photos are often desired but can be quite difficult to shoot. Waiting for the exact right time and weather to photograph an image can possibly be avoided with photo editing expertise.


Multiple photos taken from the identical focal point can often be merged together creating panoramic images. In this example a customer wanted a wide angle display photo of a favorite park. Using a cell phone I had her take this series of 5 overlapping photos slightly rotating each on the same axis as if the phone were on a tripod. When receiving the photos it became evident other edits were required.

First I merged the photos together seamlessly. Next I deleted unwanted objects like the people in the park and finger in the photos. The coloring was generally okay but the fountain was a bit shadowed. So I brightened only the focal point of this image. Her photos also did not include a sufficient horizon for a proper display piece so I added to the top of the panoramic image by stretching the top and simulating the sky which was not included in the photos.

By the time I was finished she had the perfect 16" x 40" display photo of her favorite local park. This photo includes no people, no fingers, a well proportioned horizon, and a brightened focal point of the fountain. All from a set of quick-shot amateur cell phone photos.

merge photo 1
photo merge 2
photo merge 3
photo merge 4
photo merge 5
photo edits marked red final edited image


imperial walker in shopko lot