Expert Drone Photography

I am an FAA certified commercial small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) pilot ready to handle all of your aerial photography and cinematography requirements. I have two camera drones and have been taking professional aerial photos and video since 2014.

My specialty is commercial real estate and development photography and cinematography. This includes construction progress, golf course videos, and images created for commercial real estate offering memorandum. Expert Drone Shots can provide photography at all heights from 400 feet to the ground. For ground level photography I use a DSLR camera with a 10mm wide angle lens allowing me to capture wide-angle room expanding views that show off the true beauty of commercial and residential property.

Graphics and Imaging Expert

When it comes to presentation level images post-production is of utmost importance. I am a computer graphics expert with decades of experience Photoshop editing, CAD modeling and rendering, as well as website design and publishing. This gives me a unique skillset to handle complete imaging jobs for many different industries. This includes 4K video and high-definition photographs optimized for web, print, internet video or television usage.

Modern commercial projects carry an expectation of realistic concept renderings and animations. Proposals must include presentation materials utilizing all of the latest imaging technologies. The combination of CAD modeling, photo and video editing, plus aerial photography abilities are a rare combination allowing EDS to create the complex imagery required to get your next project off the ground.

Cinematography / Video Editing